My Portfolio

You will find an overview of some of the works I have done in the past 3 years. Here is my potential.

Showcase website

Create a website to support the evolution of a company and increase their notoriety.

Front page of the website

Eco Sud Systèmes

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Bootstrap, WordPress, Photoshop – March 2018
During an internship – Individual work

What did I do?

Specification document (with the company), design and wireframes, personalized template for WordPress in PHP, front-end development of a responsive website, configuration of a back-end plugin, SEO, content creation and integration, website migration.

For what purpose?

I was hired by a refrigeration company to create their new website, more serious and modern than the previous one. With the evolution of the company, their website wasn’t matching their activities anymore.

It had three main goals:

How did I make it?

First, I researched about the company, the sector and the market. Once I had understood the context and we agreed on the specifics, I began to research ideas for the website design. Based on the colors of the company logo, I created two mock-ups: one more serious and traditional, with a centered composition, and one more dynamic, mosaic-like, taking full advantage of each screen’s width. It took some time for everyone to reach an agreement, but in the end the centered composition was chosen for its seriousness.

One centered mock-up version for the website of Eco Sud Systèmes
Centered mock-up version
One mosaic-like mock-up version for the website of Eco Sud Systèmes
Mosaic-like mock-up version

Then I’ve adapted the site’s storyboard for 4 screen resolutions and thought about the HTML structure of the site. At the same time, I adapted and created the website content with the manager of marketing and sales of the company. I re-wrote all the site content and helped with visuals. Once approved, the development began.

On a subdomain, I created the HTML structure and built the CSS layout of the test website with Bootstrap. It was supported by WordPress, so I created personalized PHP templates from scratch. That allowed me to fully respect the mock-up and write a code respectful of the conventions and SEO-friendly. Then, I’ve integrated the contents and set up some plugins, including the ACF plugin to make some parts of the website administrable. The last step before launching it was to check if everything worked well one last time and debug in case it didn’t. Finally, I transferred the new website and its SQL database on the company’s domain and added a SSL certificate.

For what result?

It took me a lot of time, because as a novice, I had to do a lot of research. But I knew where I had to go so I managed to achieve it. The website is now fully functional and succeeds to convey the identity of Eco Sud System according to the Head Manager.


« Autonome, déterminée et consciencieuse, Solenn a réalisé un travail de qualité autant dans la forme que dans le fond pour la refonte du site, qui répond aujourd'hui à nos attentes. »

“Autonomous, determined and conscientious, Solenn has done a quality work in both form and substance for the redesign of the site, which today meets our expectations”

Chloé Ventura, manager of marketing and sales at Eco Sud Systèmes.

UX Design

Think about an efficient design to help consumers understand unintelligible terms.

Storyboarding the application "What's In?"

Moqups, Photoshop – October 2017
Team work

What did I do?

All of these wireframes. My teammate created the storyboard of the tutorial and the creation of the user profile.

For what purpose?

I designed a cross-platform app providing help and information about the ingredients of a manufactured product. The user, thanks to his smartphone’s camera, can scan the list of ingredients of processed food products to know exactly what’s in it.

How did I make it?

People are often hurrying when grocery shopping. To be efficient, the app should allow users to quickly understand if the product is healthy enough for them. That’s why I used a simple color code: green (safe for regular consumption), yellow (safe for occasional consumption) and red (avoid consumption). Each scanner result begins with a recap of the total number of ingredients in the product and the number of ingredients by colors.

Users have various ways to reach the information they need. They can take/download a picture to analyze or search directly into the glossary (by categories, by alphabetical list or by the notation of the ingredient).

So, there are several levels of information to fulfill the user’s needs. From a color code – we decided whether it was good or not – to a detailed description of ingredients with sources – form your own opinion.

For what result?

This app stayed at the project stage so we couldn’t test it properly but several improvements can be made. For example, enlarge the lists’ lines heights to avoid “misclick” or label some non-obvious icons.


Creating a lively institutional teaser.

« Quel master après ta licence info-com ? »

After Effect – April 2018
For a Digital Training Devices course – Team work

For what purpose?

We created a video presenting three different postgraduate programs accessible after our bachelor in information-communication. Through that, we created a storyboard, film, record, and edit a video.

How did we make it?

We chose drawing for the freedom that it gave us. Each member of our group shared tasks, and I was in charge of writing the script. For this, I was inspired by the personas technique often used during user research in design. My goal was to create credible students, each one with a specific personality and a purpose in their professional life. Thus, viewers could have another point of view on those courses, more human and realistic than a formal presentation of the postgraduate courses. Another member of the group and myself are the ones who gave our voices to the three characters. After my classmates had drawn and filmed, I edited the videos, the voices and the sound effects with After Effect.

For what result?

The drawing is obviously still amateur and some parts of the editing could be improved. But considering the resources we had at the time, the video is convincing.

This first experience opened my eyes to new possibilities. I still have a lot to learn and try out before creating professional videos, but this project got me interested me in a new field.

Digital presentation

How to interest people in historical facts?

Who first discovered America?

Prezi & Photoshop – May 2016
For a Digital and Oral Presentation course – Individual work

For what purpose?

The aim of this work was to interest classmates in our point of view about something we like. The emphasis was put both on oral and digital skills for the presentation. We had ten minutes to be understood, seducing, and convincing.

How did I make it?

At the time, I was amused that French students truly believe that Christopher Columbus was the first to discover America. That is why I created a story based on historical facts enlightening the achievements of other men who travelled before him to America.

As it was hard to interest them to an historical fact, I used Prezi to catch their attention. I created my presentation as it was a video. It is more lively compared to a standard presentation. Indeed, PowerPoint reminds us of lectures while Prezi reminds us of comics, with the same rectangular frames, but with smooth transitions. I also played with references and common symbols (even if it was a bit stereotyped) to be instantly understood.

For what result?

The presentation was a real success to my classmates and my professor. Both because of the oral interaction with the public and the rhythmic continuity of the slides. That was a lively and fun presentation.

Graphic design

Find a consistent design to gather numerous literary sub-genres.

Science-fiction book collection

InDesign – December 2017
For a Graphic Design course – Individual work

For what purpose?

I developed a principle of graphic design for a fictive book collection and create three adaptations.

How did I make it?

First, I chose to work on the science-fiction genre and invented three novels for adult readers. Then, I studied the genre’s codes and the market, from the 80s until today. Based on the specifications, I developed two graphic concepts, working on typography, grid and forms. The first one was rejected because it seemed too childish for the target audience, so I developed this one.

The principle of the collection is the frontier between reality and imagination, symbolized by the illustration and its negative. Science-fiction goes beyond reality. This line symbolizes our horizon and invites us to step through the looking glass and start our journey.

The main difficulty was to create a template which could be used for every science-fiction sub-genre, but this one will work with nearly every picture or drawing. In this way, we can show the universe specific to each book, while integrating it into the collection.


Give shape to a project that doesn't have a clear identity and a core target.

Street Chic Days Festival

Publisher & Photoshop – December 2016
For an Organizational Communication course - Team Work

What have I done?

The first page design, the general layout, the Photoshop editing of visuals, and the written description of the festival (inside: left and central pages).

For what purpose?

R&B Food Truck gave us an occasion to plan their communication for the Street Chic Days Festival. A two-days street art festival taking place in the small city of Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. Several teams had to make a strategy of communication including a leaflet conformed to R&B Food Truck will.The target was the region inhabitants, from the youngest to the oldest.

How did we make it?

We faced several difficulties, mainly because of the wide target, and also because of divergence between the festival's theme -street art- and some of the festival's activities, as canoe for example. Plus, the communication with the client was really difficult because we were 180 students working on it.

So we tried to adapt the Street Art codes to a leaflet which could be attracting for everybody. Thats why we chose a mix between urban and chic, without really bold colors and aggressive shapes.

For what result?

Our team wasn’t chosen by R&B Food Truck. Looking back, I acknowledge that we should had create a graphism more fun considering the context. I think we could have come to this conclusion earlier if it wasn't our first time to work with soumeone and if we could have me personaly the client. Insted, we guessed what he wanted instead of understanding it.

But it was a good training since we we learned more about creating a whole campain and what is expected when you work for someone.